Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogger Glitching

I have been having quite lot of problems with blogger lately. It has not been letting me comment on my friends blogs. It makes me sign in repeatedly and still will not accept that I am signed in when it comes to commenting and it is pretty frustrating. It even would not let me reply to a comment on my own blog the other day. I finally got it to accept me yesterday. I was at the comment box of a friends blog. I wanted to comment and it wouldn't let me, the google profile was not filled in like it is when I am signed in. I then clicked on the sign in box up in the upper right corner of the blog page. Of course I was actually signed in already as I always am so instead of doing what I usually do which is try to sign in again and then click back to the blog, I just hit the back button. It took me back to the comment box and voila! it had my google profile filled in and I could then comment! Now, I had to do this each and every time I wanted to comment on every blog. It wasn't permanent. But at least I have found some sort of fix. Now this never used to happen before. I don't know why it happens now and I wish blogger would fix it because it is pretty damn annoying. I also wonder how many people are having the same problem and if it is keeping them from commenting on my blogs? I am going to file a bug report on this if there is such a thing for blogger. BTW, I could not even post with my name and url or anonymously. Nothing, nada. So it was figure out some way to have it recognize that I was signed in or never be able to comment on a blog again. Major suckage!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Flowers In My Garden

Pink RanunculusI have been TRYING to have a garden for years. Notice the emphasis on trying. I have been thwarted at every attempt by nature, children and beasts. One year I had such beautiful flowers and had them well established. I thought, "This is it, finally I have the garden I want." But no, it was not to be. That year we had a freak cold snap with temperatures to 0 degrees and it killed off everything. EVERYTHING! Even though I had mulched all the plants and covered them well. I gave up last year and didn't plant since I was so ill, but this year I gave in and bought some plants and seeds. I have hope you see. I have hope that someday the cats will stop pooping in the flowerbeds and chewing everything in sight. The dogs will stop digging. The kids will stop using it as their personal Flower shop and Mother Nature will have pity on me. Gawk, who am I kidding? I am just spitting in the wind.

My Garden

The roses in my garden,
don't look so pretty and gay.
The kitties have chewed their petals,
and chased the ladybugs away.

The holes that are in the lawn,
could turn an ankle or two.
It's amazing how much damage,
a baby with a spoon can do!

My pansies' upturned faces,
are spattered with mud and creased.
From all the digging the dog did,
when he escaped his leash.

The marigolds have been trampled,
I believe that they are dead.
From the raucous game of tag,
the kids played on their heads.

So my garden is not the best,
in fact it's rather sad.
But look at all the fun,
my kids and animals had!
© April 17, 2003

I wrote this poem and I think it explains it all. One last look here at a pitiful little bloom in my garden.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Having been ill for two weeks with a throat infection that literally took my voice away and with it any inclination to write, I am seriously late in updating my blog. The day I became ill Tom and I took Chloe to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday. This year Disneyland is letting you in for free on your birthday if you sign up in advance online. So cool! I did that and since I am a Southern California resident when we showed up at the park I also got another ticket for California Adventures that we get to use before the end of the month. Tom and Chloe got the extra ticket as well when they purchased theirs. We met up with a couple friends who have a yearly pass and spent the day in childish pleasure.
disneyland 021
Here is Chloe and me with Jim and Kelly getting off the Carousel.
disneyland 072
Tom, Chloe and me in a teacup.
disneyland 066
Tom and Chloe
disneyland 025
Like little monkeys in a cage on the Circus Train!

Unfortunately by the end of the evening I was pretty ill and had almost lost my voice. It hit fast and it hit hard. I was glad it waited until it was almost all over, but we missed the Fantasia show which was at 10:30pm because I just couldn't hold out any longer. Oh well, we will have to plan for next year!