Monday, March 28, 2016

Painting, Wallpaper, and Stuff - The Dollhouse Saga

We have been busy the past few days getting new stuffs in the mail and doing a bit of papering and painting. A lot of progress has been made.

Moiren painting shingles

The kitchen with wallpaper. I used scrapbook tape to adhere in place. I will probably add some tacky glue around the edges. Still needs wainscotting, floor, etc.

Some of the new goodies that came in the mail today.

The old roof tiles have been stripped off as I decided they were not really salvageable. The new posts for the balcony have been installed, yay! I hope to put a coat of green paint on the exterior this evening if I have the energy. I still need to gather more cardboard egg cartons to cut tiny faux bricks out of. I will take more pictures once the painting is done.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shelves - The Dollhouse Saga

I needed to put shelves in the cabinets I was making so I decided to use Popsicle sticks. I took plenty of pictures to you can see the process.

Measured then marked with a pencil

I used a pair of snips to cut the sticks to size. If too rough or a tad too long I sanded.

I used tacky glue to adhere the shelve pieces in place. I eyeballed their placement.

It took two pieces to make one shelf.

A completed cabinet with shelves, painted!

Now all it needs is knobs. So excited at how fast and easy this is too make.


Putting In Doors - The Dollhouse Saga

The poor hubby was waylaid by a nasty cold so it took a few days to get the new doors put in.

We will have to redo some of the wiring in the upstairs bedroom as the new single French door is were the wiring was previously laid. I still haven't decided if I want to add more windows to the second floor, there are none on the one wall as you can see. 

Today I worked some more on the kitchen cabinets I am making. 

These are all from the $1.00-$1.99 boxes I bought at Michael's. I did a bit of cutting and used some Popsicle sticks. The bottom base cabinet and pantry cabinet are getting kick bases then they will be painted too. I am considering going over it all with a wash of light green.

Next installment maybe those will be done.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Doors and More! - The Dollhouse Saga

The rest of the parts I had been waiting on came in today. So the immediate plan is to install the French doors then install the flooring. I should have all the Popsicle sticks cut to size by then. I am not sure if I need to paint before or after placing them down. After might be easier. I have baseboards now and chair rails along with molding to go around the doors and windows. I will probably need to buy more as I move along since I am kind of figuring out the look of each room on the fly. Today is a nice day so if the hubby is not feeling too badly from his cold maybe he will put those doors in. Cross your fingers!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bits and Pieces - The Dollhouse Saga

While waiting for important architectural parts to come in I went out looking for bits and pieces I could turn into parts for the dollhouse.
I had read on Pinterest that Michael's carried plain wooden dollhouse hutches that could be remade into a variety of different furniture items. They must not carry them anymore for I looked at a couple stores. I did however find some tiny boxes that look to be perfect for kitchen cabinets. I picked up a few to try them out and the tile piece I got at HomeDepot  fits nicely.

These will look great painted and with little knobs on them. I will save the latches to use on other projects.
There was a decent selection of ready made accessories at one of the Michaels I went to so I picked up a few items.

The Home Depot and Lowes gave me floor tile samples for free! I only paid ,79 for the white tile I am using for the counters.

A friend gave me a few egg cartons to use on cutting out the faux bricks I am making and some of the replacement shingles came in ((yay!) My paint collection is growing and I have paid only &1.00 a can. Got to love Oops paint.

Since I had wanted to do a wainscoting in the kitchen and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg I started cutting up some leftover Popsicle sticks I had. I might do the floor too with them.

I also bought a few things for landscaping. I plan on doing a mini herb garden and wisteria along the balcony, etc.

I think I have pinned just about every DIY project for furniture, food accessories, etc. I swear my brain is overloaded!  
Tomorrow will be maybe making some mini food. Depends on how I feel :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A New Window -The Dollhouse Saga

Day 2 of working on the dollhouse saw the installation of a new bay window, the removal of the old carpets and the start of the repair to the balcony.

I am awaiting delivery for more parts and have decided to turn one of the windows from the second story bedroom into a single French door onto the balcony. This means more parts. I also need to order the double French doors I want to put in off the kitchen. I found a few broken and missing architechural details that will also now need to be ordered. 
Tomorrow should see the installation of some of the new flooring. That will be exciting!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello Dolly

My husband cleaned out his workshop and lo and behold, there was the dollhouse one of my friends gave me a few years ago. It has been pretty neglected from being stored out on a porch at her place and then in a dank workshop at mine. 

I have great plans for this house and have ordered items already from Amazon and eBay to start fixing the exterior and one room. The first room to get remade will be the kitchen. I also have plans on setting it on a bigger board and adding a garden. Pinterest has so many ideas!
As things progress I will make sure to post them here. I am excited to be working on a project that is within my means :)