Friday, July 6, 2007

Injustice Prevails

Posting in forums can be a risky business. There is no face to face contact to gauge vocal tone or facial expressions so it is easy to misinterpret meaning. While that may be, it seems so unfair when a long time forum poster tries to change her persona from one who is critical (she really cared which is why she pointed out where improvements could be made)to an over the top, silly Pollyanna. She was told that her critiques were unwanted, so she gave them what they thought they wanted. Sweetness and light and positivity ALL the time. What did she get for this? A forum muting from none other than the owner of the site. She was accused of mocking them. Hmmm... maybe. It was a silly mocking if that was what it was. Most of the other forum posters either thought it was hilarious or took it at face value and were happy with her! Did it damage or demean the site? No, but I can say her muting sure did. It made many of us question the direction this company is heading in and whether it is the same direction that we wish to go ourselves.


  1. The person who was muted is 100% over to the top to blame for becoming "over the top, silly Pollyanna." That person is 100% responsible for any type of behavior on that site, now or in the future. No one at that site is chaining her down.

    YOU questioning the way their business is headed, due to HER ACTIONS that she MAY THINK is wanted, is interesting.

    There are far more important things that company has to worry about, than the one person who may now be acting fake.

    If she turned her posts pollyanna-ish, I have to question whether she's doing it purposely. Maybe not, but she's a smart person. I highly doubt she "thinks" the site wants her to now be over the top. There is no reason she or anyone else needs to take it to the extreme. I would not doubt she's doing it in hopes of trying to prove a point (manipulative at best), and the sheep will fall for it. You are not her and will never know truly why that person is doing what they are doing.

  2. What I am questioning is the muting. Why mute her her? A business that mutes it's critics is a business that I wonder about the direction it is heading. Do you wonder that too? I really did in the end think she was just being silly and that it was all just a misunderstanding. I still hope that is is a misunderstanding and that my worst fears are incorrect.

  3. At least the person in question had enough integrity to post their comments and opinions without hiding behind a curtain of anonymity.

  4. Yes, the company does have "far more important things to worry about, than the person who may be acting fake."

    such as, oh, search functionality, site security, customer service...

  5. hey anonymous = go suck an egg. you have no business here, and instead maybe you should be attending to more important matters ey?