Sunday, September 20, 2009

Highland War Babies

I am finally writing about the wonderful time I had with my granddaughters at Highland War. My job as Nana was to keep them occupied so their mom and dad could have some fun.


This meant spending quite a bit of time at the playground (the event was at a park) or shopping Merchant's Row. Needless to say the little minxes bled me dry of money!


Not that I mind really. They have me wrapped around their fingers!


It was really nice to be at an SCA event and for once not to have to be working. I usually merchant and it is tough! I never get out to see anything. This time I got to see the late night bardic events and the tourneys. I also got to shop, albeit it mostly was for the girls and not for me *grin*. I got to see some of the battle that my son-in-law fought in. He is in the red tunic in the photo.


I chatted with friends I had not seen since last year and even saw quite a few people wearing garb I had made over the years. It was quite satisfying.


Everyone is now trying to talk me into going out to Great Western War, even if it is for just a day. I am thinking about it. I do miss the medieval/renaissance life!