Monday, July 15, 2013

Chick, Chick, Chickie!

I know it has been FOREVAH since I have posted here and sooo much has gone on in my little world. Two bouts with frozen shoulder, another rescue pup (Roxy Piddlepants) and now CHICKENS! Yes, I have succumbed to the hipster trend of backyard chickens. My first little dears were unfortunately "played" to death by Fern. She thought they were toys. Now we have built a new dog proof run and re-inforced hen house for the new chickens. The first inhabitant will be Miss Barbara.

She is super friendly and loves to be adored. I bought a dwarf cherry tree to plant over the new hen house so it will always be shady. I expect in a week or two that I will have some friends for her. I have to be careful though, I hear that chickens, they are like potato chips....