Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Start - The Dollhouse Saga

It has been quite a while since I have worked on the dollhouse. My hand injury was worse than I thought and I am now in physical therapy for it. I did buy some new items for the house and a chopper to make cutting the trims and tiles easier. Maybe I won't injure my hand now :)

I can't wait to finish up the tile floor so I can start on the wall paneling. It would be nice to have another room finished. This is not quick work unfortunately.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Pumpkins - The Dollhouse Saga

I had bought a bag of tiny glass pumpkins. Moiren is painting them to look like the real thing. They will go on the dollhouse porch and in the Haunted Garden we are making. Her little dollhouse family likes to decorate for the holidays.

Moiren is having so much fun and doing a splendid job. 


Friday, August 26, 2016

Macarons - The Dollhouse Saga

Moiren and I had spent a day making teeny tiny french macarons from polymer clay.  We bothe had so much fun!

We even made some little lemons!

It has been so, so hot that doing any work on the dollhouse is just misery. I do hop to finish the tea room by the end of September though :)


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mighty Nest Subscription

I just got my first Mighty Nest Sub! This month it is organic wool dryer balls. I am pretty excited to try these. I don't use fabric softener due to allergies so my clothes can be rough and staticky if I use the dryer. Friends who have used these say great things.
To check them out for yourself:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Seeing Green - The Dollhouse Saga

Painting furniture for a dollhouse I haven't even started to build yet *LOL*

Be prepared, right?


Tea Room Floor - The Dollhouse Saga

I had not been feeling well so work paused for a bit on the dollhouse. This past weekend  I felt better so I went to work cutting up wood-look vinyl tile for the tea room floor.

I used a guillotine style cutter. I just had to be careful that the tile did not shift as it was cut.

I then started laying the tile down.

Partway through doing this I injured my thumb pretty badly. Cracked the nail in half, damaged the nail bed. After a couple days of ice and anti-inflammitories I can use my hand a little bit. So today I decided to test out a technique I saw on Pinterest of using shoe polish to finish wood vinyl floors. 

It fills in any light colored spots and gaps. I really like the look versus the untreated areas. Getting all the way up to the edge by the walls will be a pain, but so worth it for the finished look. Hopefully when my thumb is all better I can get the floor completed. I did get the ceiling covered with embossed paper.

It will look excellent once the crown molding goes up. So, still need floor to be finished, wainscoting, crown molding,  and trim around doorways and windows. Other than that it is coming along!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Making Plans - The Dollhouse Saga

Now that I am starting on the tea room/ library it is important to follow a plan of attack. Things need to be done in a certain order to make it all go easier. First I put up the wallpaper. It is looking pretty good. I also painted the last window that was not installed and put that in.

Before paper this room is awful.

I matched up the edges of each paper piece, overlapping slightly. To stick it on the walls I used tacky glue thinned with water. I had the paper extend up the ceiling about 1/2 inch so there would be no gaps when I put up the ceiling treatment.

Now I definitely need an ordered list so as to not mess up.
So this is what gets done next: 
1. Ceiling treatment
2. Crown moulding
3. Flooring
4. Window and door trim
5. Wainscoting
6. Chair rail or trim

I will most likely paper the hallway before the flooring goes in as I plan on having the same floor throughout. 
I saw an adorable little saw on Amazon that would make all my cutting so much  easier. I think the hubby might like it for Father's Day ;)