Friday, May 13, 2016

Making Plans - The Dollhouse Saga

Now that I am starting on the tea room/ library it is important to follow a plan of attack. Things need to be done in a certain order to make it all go easier. First I put up the wallpaper. It is looking pretty good. I also painted the last window that was not installed and put that in.

Before paper this room is awful.

I matched up the edges of each paper piece, overlapping slightly. To stick it on the walls I used tacky glue thinned with water. I had the paper extend up the ceiling about 1/2 inch so there would be no gaps when I put up the ceiling treatment.

Now I definitely need an ordered list so as to not mess up.
So this is what gets done next: 
1. Ceiling treatment
2. Crown moulding
3. Flooring
4. Window and door trim
5. Wainscoting
6. Chair rail or trim

I will most likely paper the hallway before the flooring goes in as I plan on having the same floor throughout. 
I saw an adorable little saw on Amazon that would make all my cutting so much  easier. I think the hubby might like it for Father's Day ;)


Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Tiny Rug - The Dollhouse Saga

Since I put my back out this week I am stuck mostly on the couch binge watching Bones on Netflix and crocheting a tiny rug for the dollhouse kitchen. Of course before I started I had to get a consensus from my friends of which yarn to use. The blue was unanimous.

The rug is done in chain stitch.

 Instead of joining together in a round I chose to use a joining stitch with sewing thread. This I believe makes the rug less bulky.

I continued in this vein until the little rug was the size I wanted. I wet it thoroughly and pinned it to my ironing board to block it.

After drying completely it is ready to place in the kitchen.

I had envisioned maybe a lighter colour, but the blue is a nice pop. I think our little deer family are happy with it.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Kitchen Achievement Unlocked!- The Dollhouse Saga

With the walls and floors done I needed to do the final placement of cupboards in the kitchen. I set things out on the table to get on idea of how they would look and fit together.

I decided there needed to be a little shelf under the range hood.

I used Popsicle sticks, tiny corbels and the a tiny rod for a rail. It got a coat of white paint and then green.

After I glued everything in place I put in the rest of the furniture and decorations.

I still plan on putting more faux food in the cupboards and I think a broom and maybe an apron on a hook, a little rug under the table. Until I get around to that I am going to start wall papering the tea room/library. I have lovely plans for that room. Delicious plans.
Until then, anon dear friends!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kitchen Wainscoting Done and Mini Rant-The Dollhouse Saga

Still on a roll, I kept working and finished the wainscoting today. It sure feels great to have accomplished a major goal!

Partway through I got excited and put up a little plate shelf I had made. Then on to chair rails and the white washing!

Last step was putting on a coat of sealing wax.

Now to the rant. I have been purchasing many little decorative items off of eBay and Amazon for the dollhouses. So far it had been a positive experience and any problems with items were dealt with swiftly and professionally by the sellers.
Until I decided to try out Minidreamworld.
They sell on eBay and Amazon. I purchased an assorted order of kitchen food items and they came from China fairly quickly. They were all super cute but one package of wine bottle looked awfully big. Twice the size I expected. The listing stated "good for 1/12." I wrote the seller and let them know they should change the listing to reflect that in fact these bottles are too big for 1/12. I get a reply back that they sell a lot and I am the only one who is complaining. I am totally floored by this reply. As you can see from this photo, they won't even fit on the shelf of my doll cabinet.

I had ordered another package of mixed bottles and you can see the difference in size.

All I had asked was that future listings be corrected as to scale. What was to be a positive transaction has now devolved to a neutral at most. I will never order from them again either. Buyer beware.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

White Washed Floors - The Dollhouse Saga

After a bit of time off, spent making tiny polymer food  I finally buckled down and finished the kitchen floor. I decided I wanted to white wash it so I took flat latex paint and mixed it with a bit of water. I brushed it on and then wiped off any excess with a washcloth. I think I am going to put a coat of sealing wax on. 

I still have some of the wainscoting to finish. I plan on doing that tomorrow.

I couldn't resist putting some of the furniture in. Mrs. Buckley Deer is making heart shaped cookies.

What a lovely day to do some baking.

Until next time!