Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Day, Another Dirty Dish

So the sewing continues unabated, the orders still roll in, and my household manages to mock me at every turn. Now it is my sink. Yes even the house itself is against me. My sink is clogged. Not an ordinary clog mind you, but a clog to end all clogs. My husband used the plunger, draino, liquid plummer, muratic acid, a snake. He took the pipes apart and forced the hose down as far as it would go and turned the water on high. Nope, no dice. So here it has been three days of him trying to unclog this drain. Three days of not being able to wash dishes, cook a meal, clean my kitchen. If you think that is not that bad, I live in a small mining town with no real fast food restaurants. We have been eating sandwiches off paper plates and I for one want a hot meal so bad I could cry! But have you ever tried to wash a pot in the bath tub? Yeah, right I have a notoriously bad back and would end up in traction in a heartbeat. Hmmm... traction... hospital kids..... nah the medical bills would kill us. But it is tempting, oh so tempting!


  1. Oh that sucks so badly! I hope it gets fixed soon, before you overdose on bologna and bread!


  2. Yes, finally the sink has been fixed, but not before I learned a new meaning for the term "shower buddy"
    Yes, I had to shower with my new friends, dirty dishes, sigh.

  3. Beth, been there done that..Our house had a nasty habit of the drains clogging until..we got rid of the offending organism...a Brazillian Pepper tree.

    Now it has been awhile..but we also have no stove, and live on fast food and frozen food.

    I feel your pain.