Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Fell

Yes, Fall fell in just one day. All the leaves, in one fell swoop.

The cats were a bit unnerved by this phenomenon. I am sure they felt it was a conspiracy against them.

Moiren 3
My youngest granddaughter, however was completely thrilled. She wanted to run in the crinkly leaves and throw them in the air.

Moiren 4
Her delight is completely evident in her posture.

My husband however could only think of all the raking and sweeping he has to do now.
I think I will go roll in the leaves with Moiren. It sounds like more fun :)


  1. It feels like fall has only just begun down here. The leaves have only just started changing recently, but our cars are covered nonetheless.

    In response to your question on my blog:
    They are dried. I received the most beautiful fresh dried herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. Really, unbelievably fresh.

  2. Thank you, the Hungary Water you are making sounds fantastic. I will have to check out Mountain Rose Herbs for the ones I don't have in stock.