Saturday, April 23, 2016

Electricity and a Tiny Little Stove-The Dollhouse Saga

It has been a while since I updated about the dollhouse. I finally got the electrical parts I needed so I finished repairing the copper tape. Parts of it were damaged so I just pulled it up it places. I also added it to areas that weren't electrified. It was a good thing I hadn't finished the floor in the kitchen as I ended up having to run tape across it. Learning how to set the little nails was not hard. 

I got some of the wainscoting done in the kitchen and a window and the doors trimmed.

It is starting to look pretty!

I will white wash the floor and wainscoting when I am done.

As part of working on the kitchen I have been making a little stove.

I think I am going to put tiny feet on it and then it still needs a door handle. I am liking how it has turned out so far. I will need to make a tiny loaf of bread to put on it :) 
That will be another day.

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