Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Seeing Green - The Dollhouse Saga

Painting furniture for a dollhouse I haven't even started to build yet *LOL*

Be prepared, right?


Tea Room Floor - The Dollhouse Saga

I had not been feeling well so work paused for a bit on the dollhouse. This past weekend  I felt better so I went to work cutting up wood-look vinyl tile for the tea room floor.

I used a guillotine style cutter. I just had to be careful that the tile did not shift as it was cut.

I then started laying the tile down.

Partway through doing this I injured my thumb pretty badly. Cracked the nail in half, damaged the nail bed. After a couple days of ice and anti-inflammitories I can use my hand a little bit. So today I decided to test out a technique I saw on Pinterest of using shoe polish to finish wood vinyl floors. 

It fills in any light colored spots and gaps. I really like the look versus the untreated areas. Getting all the way up to the edge by the walls will be a pain, but so worth it for the finished look. Hopefully when my thumb is all better I can get the floor completed. I did get the ceiling covered with embossed paper.

It will look excellent once the crown molding goes up. So, still need floor to be finished, wainscoting, crown molding,  and trim around doorways and windows. Other than that it is coming along!