Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Night At The Opera

Okay, so I wasn't actually at the opera, and technically I wasn't fat. But the saying "It isn't over until the fat lady sings" was somehow apropos. I was the last one in pre-op. All the other patients had been wheeled away to their destinies. I was left alone and forlorn with a nurse and a tech who was cleaning the gurneys so I did what any insane person would do and belted out a few tunes to keep my spirits up. Vacation by the Go-Gos, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, Dona Nobis an Elizabeth madrigal, My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crowe, Tonight and the Rest of My Life by Nina Gordon (they asked for it twice) Linger by the Cranberries. I sang because I was not sure if I would have a voice to sing with after that night. I still do not know. It will be a few weeks before I know. I write this with the memories of those songs in my head. Memories of being a teenager and having a garage band. Memories of the lullabies I sang my babies to sleep with. Memories of making up special songs for each of my children and now for my grand children who will each carry on with their clear high voices. Who will each sing their own songs now.


  1. sweetiepie, i surely do hope you find out you can sing.

  2. I hope so too! I'm sending lots of 'get well soon' hugs of the non-merp variety your way.

  3. you'll do great!! as bob marley and those 3 little birds say: every little gonna be alright...