Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've been Bitched!

Imagine my surprise to find out that Etsy Bitch liked one of my comments enough to quote it on their front page! Yes, I have been bitched about! The Etsy Bitch blog says what we all want to say about Etsy and have not been able to out of fear. These ladies and one guy are ballsy and let Etsy have it in the chops. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend it and offer up this link.

This is the link to the comment: Quotable Quotes

I also found out I can use this cute graphic if I want too. Isn't it adorable? It is for people who have been banned or muted in the forums. I was muted by Danielle when she was running riot in the forums and was unmuted by Matt himself and given an apology. He is a seriously nice guy and what a headache Etsy must be giving him.

Too cool huh?


  1. haha, great!
    i agree, matt is often etsy's voice of reason. the poor guy has a lot on his plate!

  2. Danielle is a mess. I just can't believe she's back in the forums - she should not be allowed back.

    Yay for getting your Web store set up!

  3. Danielle is a PR nightmare!

    I really like the Paypal widget and am waiting for them to make improvements to it! Larger pictures that pop-up and calculating shipping by weight would be good, but it is a start, and get this, it has a vacation mode! Suck that Etsy!