Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Long and Short of It

shorts 011
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With the hot weather I have been wearing mostly shorts lately and this pattern caught my eye recently at a yard sale. I loved the vintage retro look of it and since the style is back I snagged it up. I am thinking of making myself a pair of shorts out of it. I will need to go through my fabric stash to find the perfect fabric. I think stripes will be nice. I am pretty sure I have a light blue seersucker striped fabric that will be perfect for this project. I once hear that if you wore a style the first time it came out you shouldn't wear it when it comes back in style. WHAT? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Of course they could be talking about micro-minis or hot pants, but that is a matter of good taste not fashion timing. I think these shorts will be just fine the second time around :)


  1. of course you should wear it again!!!
    PS: my twitter is back up

  2. Definitely should wear it again, silly indeed :)
    Looks like a lovely pattern!!!

  3. That shorts pattern looks perfect! Also, I agree, that rule about not wearing things the second time around is rubbish ;)

  4. Well, I guess I will have to make them then! I have a skirt I cut out that I am blogging about on my other blog, but I am cutting out the shorts next :)