Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bits and Pieces - The Dollhouse Saga

While waiting for important architectural parts to come in I went out looking for bits and pieces I could turn into parts for the dollhouse.
I had read on Pinterest that Michael's carried plain wooden dollhouse hutches that could be remade into a variety of different furniture items. They must not carry them anymore for I looked at a couple stores. I did however find some tiny boxes that look to be perfect for kitchen cabinets. I picked up a few to try them out and the tile piece I got at HomeDepot  fits nicely.

These will look great painted and with little knobs on them. I will save the latches to use on other projects.
There was a decent selection of ready made accessories at one of the Michaels I went to so I picked up a few items.

The Home Depot and Lowes gave me floor tile samples for free! I only paid ,79 for the white tile I am using for the counters.

A friend gave me a few egg cartons to use on cutting out the faux bricks I am making and some of the replacement shingles came in ((yay!) My paint collection is growing and I have paid only &1.00 a can. Got to love Oops paint.

Since I had wanted to do a wainscoting in the kitchen and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg I started cutting up some leftover Popsicle sticks I had. I might do the floor too with them.

I also bought a few things for landscaping. I plan on doing a mini herb garden and wisteria along the balcony, etc.

I think I have pinned just about every DIY project for furniture, food accessories, etc. I swear my brain is overloaded!  
Tomorrow will be maybe making some mini food. Depends on how I feel :)

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