Monday, September 24, 2007

And the Other Shoe Drops

I hit a brick wall. Not a real brick wall, but a brick wall none the less. I went to see if it was true, if Emckinstry was gone. I clicked on my feedback from a pair of earrings I had sold her and there it was. The dreaded brick wall. You've reached an error: The user id specified is not a verified Etsy member.


I think I may cry now.


  1. It is a sad thing, what has happened.

  2. She posted on her blog - she deleted her own account, she wasn't deleted by Etsy.

  3. I know what Eliabeth has said. That still doesn't change the fact that etsy has lost one of the best members it had. They could have used her knowledge and advice to their advantage but instead they pushed her away. She is far better off. Etsy itself is not.

  4. An ending marks a new beginning.
    I hope Elizabeth can find a bigger dream and a more appreciative audience.

    I've always admired her dedication to the cause - buying directly from artisans.

    This is a great loss to Etsy Sellers. :(

  5. Error: User called Etsy on too much of their crap.