Friday, September 21, 2007

A Community Call To Action

All of the "Etsy 5" have now been revealed. Emckinstry, Eclipse, Blondezillabeads4fun, Quirke and Bencandance. As three of those banned are sellers on Etsy, I believe there should be an appeals process so that they may at some time to be allowed to plead their case for reversal of their banning. At this point they are not even permitted to change their avatars. This has had a negative impact upon their business at Etsy. Please send a polite letter to to ask for an appeals process. If not for them, then for the rest of the Etsy community. We all deserve it, don't you think?

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Free the Etsy 5 Tee


  1. Thank you for your very nicely worded posts about this matter, Pel. It's nice to see that some people "get" the injustice of this situation.

    The Etsy5 are banned but daily MEANNESS runs rampant through the forums. Our absence will not turn the forums into "the happiest place on Earth" as some people have deluded themselves into thinking. :/

  2. Exactly. People will always disagree and to expect them to is irrational. I have tried to be very clear and concise in how I have presented this issue. I have felt very emotional at times and it has been hard not to let that cloud my judgment, but all in all this is an important issue that demands a clear head. I feel I must let the facts speak for themselves.

  3. WOW! I just seen a comment on the forum that led me to google this. This is a BUNCH of BS!!! I hope the 5 get to come back! We MISS you guys!!!!

  4. Etsy says it is a private matter and refuses to consider reinstatement. Well it must be pretty private since even the banned are clueless!!!