Friday, March 14, 2008

Brushing Off the Dust

After a long illness I am brushing the dust off my blog and attempting to start it up again. I can't promise that it will be overly witty or pity, but I will try my best to be at least semi-sporadic. Is that good enough? Too bad, that is what you will get. (grin) I have three teenagers and a husband who might as well be one, 14 cats and three dogs. What do you expect from me? The Great American novel? Not going to get it. This is as good as it gets guys and that is not saying much. Now move over while I sweep up the cat hair, brew up a fresh pot of coffee and get comfortable. I feel the urge to sit a spell.


  1. well, ello miss sunshine!! phhhtt.

    (welcome back)

  2. thanks! I am just that little ray that gets you in the eye and blinds you, LOL.