Thursday, March 20, 2008

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

So the party is over and the house is settling down a bit. I have sewing to do which is good, but trying to juggle working at home and taking care of the house and the teenagers is starting to drive me crazy. You would think that they could clean up after themselves, right? After all they are adults, or nearly so. Yeah, think again. I spend most of the day redoing their chores that they gave a half-assed attempt at and then I am exhausted, but I still need to attend to MY business! It was easy when I had my store. I could just leave in the morning and close the door on all the mess and clutter and not have to deal with it until I came home in the evening. Not so now. If I want to get any work done I have to clean first or there is no way I can sew. The mess stares me in the face. It mocks me at every turn. I have to sew in the dining room at the present and that is the worse mess spot. I am at my wits end some days when they leave it in an especially awful state. And to hear them talk to their friends they act as if THEY slave at home doing all the cleaning. I watched one child wipe a counter missing all the crumbs and not lifting a single appliance to wipe under it. Yeah, that was slaving in the kitchen for her.
So here I am not able to work on my business as I should, which is really important to me and to the financial stability of our household right now, because I live with slobs. Slobs who really could care less, I might add unless they want me to buy them something. Looks like the purse strings are going to be knotted closed for a while.

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