Sunday, March 16, 2008

Whoever Said It Was Going To Be Easy Gets A Punch In The Eye

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party. She will be 18. Yes, technically an adult, but far from mature. Far be it from me to impart any pearls of wisdom to this child though because honey, she knows it all! I am so out of it I may as well be in outer space. Soon she will be thrust out upon an unsuspecting world and I cringe for both of them. She has moxie, that I'll give her. Intelligence too so hopefully she will swim and not sink in this dog eat dog world. In a way I sort of worry about the world and that she may just end up taking it down a notch. Did I tell ya she has moxie? Sigh. But she is my baby and she will be leaving me soon. She will be off to live her own life and she will not rely upon me anymore. My heart hurts a bit at the thought. I look through pictures of that little girl with the blonde hair and remember how she followed me everywhere and always looked up to me. She now dyes her hair black and has a lip piercing (shudder). She now chooses her own path. And I have to let her. I never thought this would be so hard.

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