Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Flowers In My Garden

Pink RanunculusI have been TRYING to have a garden for years. Notice the emphasis on trying. I have been thwarted at every attempt by nature, children and beasts. One year I had such beautiful flowers and had them well established. I thought, "This is it, finally I have the garden I want." But no, it was not to be. That year we had a freak cold snap with temperatures to 0 degrees and it killed off everything. EVERYTHING! Even though I had mulched all the plants and covered them well. I gave up last year and didn't plant since I was so ill, but this year I gave in and bought some plants and seeds. I have hope you see. I have hope that someday the cats will stop pooping in the flowerbeds and chewing everything in sight. The dogs will stop digging. The kids will stop using it as their personal Flower shop and Mother Nature will have pity on me. Gawk, who am I kidding? I am just spitting in the wind.

My Garden

The roses in my garden,
don't look so pretty and gay.
The kitties have chewed their petals,
and chased the ladybugs away.

The holes that are in the lawn,
could turn an ankle or two.
It's amazing how much damage,
a baby with a spoon can do!

My pansies' upturned faces,
are spattered with mud and creased.
From all the digging the dog did,
when he escaped his leash.

The marigolds have been trampled,
I believe that they are dead.
From the raucous game of tag,
the kids played on their heads.

So my garden is not the best,
in fact it's rather sad.
But look at all the fun,
my kids and animals had!
© April 17, 2003

I wrote this poem and I think it explains it all. One last look here at a pitiful little bloom in my garden.


  1. I was sooo excited last year... I bought a little green house and seeds for jumbo sunflowers.. I couldn't believe how fast each and every seed popped up!

    I finally planted them and dreamed of my beautiful sunflower garden! The next morning I saw that every last seedling (20 or so) had been smashed, smooshed, and rendered un recognizable by the dog! I feel your pain:)

    How are you feeling? Are you strong and over being sick or are you still a bit frail?

  2. LOL, I found the yellow ranunculus crushed this morning. I think one of the cats decided it was a good place to sleep!
    I went for a walk today with my husband and was a bit winded, but I am getting stronger!