Saturday, May 10, 2008

On the Wings Of Faeries

So we went to Tulare. Yes this is a wonderful faire for us. We did not vend there this time, but we still had fun. We brought our granddaughter as we usually do. She is of that special species, the "faire brat". Now that may sound like a derogatory term, but to those of us who do faires it is anything such. Faires brats are those children born and raised to the Renaissance Faire life. She is such as was her mother before her.
She goes to most events with us and charms everyone she meets. There is something fae about her look. Almost as if the faeries left a changeling child here for us to raise. I love her dearly. I remember one clear Potrero night as the gypsies played their music how she danced in front of our booth. She was only three, but her rhythm and grace was spellbinding. Soon we will be going back to Potrero again. I can't wait to hear the music and to see her dance. She will be wearing her faerie wings!

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