Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remembering..... WAR!

Next week is coming up fast. So fast I am almost breathless! It is WAR! Yes, time for Potrero War again. I am not ready, I am soooo not ready! I have too much to still sew and there are things to be packed and orders to be finished and, oh my. I am NOT READY! So I am sitting here remembering the years gone past when I was not ready for War and how great it all turned out.


Here is Chloe at a War gone past, eating her handchurned ice cream!

I have been doing this War since 1996 and it is a homecoming to us. A place where my kids have grown up almost. Tarah was only 6 when we started doing this event and now she is 18. The other merchants are my friends and we have had the same spot the whole time so my customers know where to find me. I guess Potrero is the one event I would mourn the loss of like I would an old friend if it ever folded. It means more than a place to make money, it means family, and memories to us.

Alex and Ian tied to a tree by the side of my booth by Tarah and her friends in 2005 at Potrero.

Moiren, my youngest granddaughter from last year.