Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A River Runs Through...... My Booth?

So I am back from War and what a War it was! Friday set up was a nightmare. We got there early hoping to beat the rain. There had been tornadoes, yes tornadoes in Southern California, on Thursday and the weather reports said the conditions were ripe for more of the same for Friday so to say we were worried was an understatement. So we hurried and about halfway through the heavens let loose. Here is a link to the video I took of the inside of my booth.
Are we having fun yet? NO!!!
Saturday was not much better in term of weather, but we are SCA, are we going to let a little thing like water get us down? Definitely not. People were out in droves and they were buying in droves. I have amazing sales and made new friends and had a wonderful time all while shivering so much I nearly came down with hypothermia! Thank god medieval and renaissance clothing consists of wool and multiple layers!

I sold many wool Irish dresses and one of my customers kindly posed for this picture. Doesn't she look amazing!

Then the gods took pity on us and Sunday we had glimmers of sun. It almost got warm. Notice I said almost? I am sure it would have been considered a fine Summer Day in Elizabethan England. They were in the middle of a Little Ice Age at that time! All in all it was quite the experience. You can click on my Facebook link on the right to see more videos that I took, we did manage to have fun, I swear we did!

I am looking forward to warm weather now. I promise not to complain when I am sweating in my garb, I cross my heart and hope to die!

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