Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Tiny Rug - The Dollhouse Saga

Since I put my back out this week I am stuck mostly on the couch binge watching Bones on Netflix and crocheting a tiny rug for the dollhouse kitchen. Of course before I started I had to get a consensus from my friends of which yarn to use. The blue was unanimous.

The rug is done in chain stitch.

 Instead of joining together in a round I chose to use a joining stitch with sewing thread. This I believe makes the rug less bulky.

I continued in this vein until the little rug was the size I wanted. I wet it thoroughly and pinned it to my ironing board to block it.

After drying completely it is ready to place in the kitchen.

I had envisioned maybe a lighter colour, but the blue is a nice pop. I think our little deer family are happy with it.


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