Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kitchen Wainscoting Done and Mini Rant-The Dollhouse Saga

Still on a roll, I kept working and finished the wainscoting today. It sure feels great to have accomplished a major goal!

Partway through I got excited and put up a little plate shelf I had made. Then on to chair rails and the white washing!

Last step was putting on a coat of sealing wax.

Now to the rant. I have been purchasing many little decorative items off of eBay and Amazon for the dollhouses. So far it had been a positive experience and any problems with items were dealt with swiftly and professionally by the sellers.
Until I decided to try out Minidreamworld.
They sell on eBay and Amazon. I purchased an assorted order of kitchen food items and they came from China fairly quickly. They were all super cute but one package of wine bottle looked awfully big. Twice the size I expected. The listing stated "good for 1/12." I wrote the seller and let them know they should change the listing to reflect that in fact these bottles are too big for 1/12. I get a reply back that they sell a lot and I am the only one who is complaining. I am totally floored by this reply. As you can see from this photo, they won't even fit on the shelf of my doll cabinet.

I had ordered another package of mixed bottles and you can see the difference in size.

All I had asked was that future listings be corrected as to scale. What was to be a positive transaction has now devolved to a neutral at most. I will never order from them again either. Buyer beware.


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