Friday, May 13, 2016

Making Plans - The Dollhouse Saga

Now that I am starting on the tea room/ library it is important to follow a plan of attack. Things need to be done in a certain order to make it all go easier. First I put up the wallpaper. It is looking pretty good. I also painted the last window that was not installed and put that in.

Before paper this room is awful.

I matched up the edges of each paper piece, overlapping slightly. To stick it on the walls I used tacky glue thinned with water. I had the paper extend up the ceiling about 1/2 inch so there would be no gaps when I put up the ceiling treatment.

Now I definitely need an ordered list so as to not mess up.
So this is what gets done next: 
1. Ceiling treatment
2. Crown moulding
3. Flooring
4. Window and door trim
5. Wainscoting
6. Chair rail or trim

I will most likely paper the hallway before the flooring goes in as I plan on having the same floor throughout. 
I saw an adorable little saw on Amazon that would make all my cutting so much  easier. I think the hubby might like it for Father's Day ;)


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  1. i have ever plan but next accident happens the following time