Monday, May 9, 2016

Kitchen Achievement Unlocked!- The Dollhouse Saga

With the walls and floors done I needed to do the final placement of cupboards in the kitchen. I set things out on the table to get on idea of how they would look and fit together.

I decided there needed to be a little shelf under the range hood.

I used Popsicle sticks, tiny corbels and the a tiny rod for a rail. It got a coat of white paint and then green.

After I glued everything in place I put in the rest of the furniture and decorations.

I still plan on putting more faux food in the cupboards and I think a broom and maybe an apron on a hook, a little rug under the table. Until I get around to that I am going to start wall papering the tea room/library. I have lovely plans for that room. Delicious plans.
Until then, anon dear friends!


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