Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Hike In The Desert

I got a chance to wear my cool new hoodie today. Of course I used a bit of blackmail to get his hoodie. Tom had shrunk an favorite sweater of mine in the wash and I kept harping on it to him, so when we were at REI on Sunday and I was gushing over this hoodie he said if I shut up about the sweater I could have it. No matter that it was $70.00 fucking dollars! You heard it. Never have I spent that much on a simple jacket, but I thought I better take the oportunity and run. Who knows when he will be this generous again! I also got a new shirt. (grin) I am not too evil am I?

So today we went on a 9 mile hike to an extinct volcano near where I live.volcano
It was a gorgeous day in the desert. Temps in the 70's and bright sunny and clear. We took our pup Fern with us, some snacks and a sub sandwich for when we got to the top of the volcano. It was a nice hike until we got to the base. Then it was a bit of a tough climb. At the top the breeze was kind of chilly and I had to put my jacket on for a bit. Up until then I had it tied around my waist. Fern was running around like nobody's business until I got the sandwich out. Oh baby, she wanted some of that action!Can Has Sammich?
Once that was finished off we sat for awhile and admired the view. Unfortunately though we had to make the return trip back. We used the bag the food had been in to pick up bottle and cans that litterbugs had tossed out to litter the desert. It felt good to clean up the environment that small bit. All too soon we were back at the truck driving back the couple miles home. I can't wait for our next hike!Fern the Desert Dog

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