Friday, February 27, 2009

Sigh Of Relief

Just another dayAfter being on tenterhooks for a week I finally got a letter in the mail from the radiologist who read my mammogram with the diagnosis that it was normal. Well, that is nice to hear! I have normal fibrocystic breasts. Hmmm... I had no idea that I had fibrocystic breasts. I have never had symptoms until now. I wonder if perimenopause can bring on symptoms? I certainly have THAT. The freaking night hot flashes that wake me up at 2-3:00am are just a joy! If I am lucky I can get back to sleep when I cool back down. If not I am in for along sleepless night and a groggy, cranky day. You certainly do not want to be around for that! Add to that the erraticness of my periods and my winning personality and I am a definite charmer. Of course I have to put up with my husband whining like a baby when he has the slightest cold so I am sure he can put up with my bitchiness. After all, I do tend to coddle him when he is ill. Men just aren't made to handle stuff like us women are. I guess in a way I feel a sense of entitlement for taking care of him for all these years. He can take a tiny amount of heat. God knows I am FEELING the heat now. We have many more years to spend together and I know this stage will be over is a flash. I just hope it isn't a hot flash!


  1. Holy Moly! How scary! Men are such goobers even if we love them! And... of course they will never get to understand what a hot flash feels like!

    This blog is just gorgeous ! It's pure eyecandy!

  2. Fabulous that he mammogram was negative. I have recently been through my own scare (writing about it on my blog was a great outlet) - with my radiologist more interested in covering herself legally, she put me through the ringer psychologically speaking.
    Your blog is lovely. I have enjoyed my visit.

  3. So glad you liked my blog. I never knew how therapeutic writing could be!

  4. I'm late making the rounds, and sorry for your new hassles, but it sounds like this was still pretty good news.

    According to Marie I must sign: