Friday, February 6, 2009

Spiraling Downward

The way this country is going it is hard to stay optimistic. I am a very upbeat kind of girl. But the news I heard today made me very sad and pissed off too. My husband's company is laying off over 13,000 employees world wide. We knew it had to happen with the economy and all. But the way they are going about it is just shitty. Seems one employee found out he was laid off when security escorted him out the front gate. That was it. No thank you for a job well done, just a rude hustle out the gate. Another guy tried to log into his computer and wasn't able to. When he went to find out what was wrong they told him it was because he didn't work there any more. Oh well, that is nice to know! My husband says they are installing time card machines at the front gate now so you can stick your time card in and if it accepts it you still have a job, if it rejects it you don't. Oh boy! I bet that is going to be so fun! Just the way I want to start my day at work. Hmmm do I or don't I have a job. Let's see. Eeny, meeny miny, moe, I guess you have got to go!

Now I know companies have to tighten their belts and cut out the fat. But whatever happened to common courtesy and having compassion for your fellow man? You can do this in a way that is appropriate. The way this company is going about it is not right. I wonder if they realize that they may be breaking laws in the way they are going about this. Not letting people remove their own property from their desks and such. Unfortunately I forsee possible lawsuits resulting from such behavior and I know that that is the last thing that company needs right now.

I am still trying to be optimistic but I do not see things getting better any time soon. This country is in for a very tough time ahead and I hope the new president is up for the challenge. I have hope.

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